About this site

Hello. My name is Andrii Serhiienko. I was born in Mongolia, lived in various places in the USSR, then moved to Ukraine. Currently live in Stockholm.

I got into computers when I was a child. My first computer was ZX-Spectrum-48. My first programming language was Sinclair BASIC.

My Alma mater is Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

I made my first money on computer software in 2000, selling small network utilities as shareware.

During my career, I worked as a software engineer, network administrator, system operator, team leader, engineering manager, and technical leader.

I worked for local governmental agencies, small startups, huge companies. I am a serial wannabe entrepreneur – have been trying to launch something, but failing yet.

This web site is my personal space in the Internet. Here I write about computer technologies and related stuff. Mostly.